Short Stories

This is a list of short stories (that aren’t horror) that I have written and posted. Each story is a standalone piece, and doesn’t require reading other pieces to get the story. Look here from time to time to see what’s new.

1:20 – Watch someone’s daily routine unfold.

Forced Entry – Arguments can be complicated sometimes, but that won’t stop Adam’s relationship with his mom being potentially ruined.

En Enlace – Veronica is finally gaining her freedom from being a slave. Unfortunately, the way she gains that freedom is by marrying her owner.

I Like Your Bag – A person getting onto the bus experiences a multitude of emotions simply by seeing a cute bag.

Wendell and the Weird Witch – Wendell and his friends go to the local “witch’s” house to antagonise her. Turns out, however, she is a real witch.

Virtual BeginningsError: Date Corrupted. Would you like to attempt to recover data? Recovering travel logs… Recovery successful.

Train Ride – Two girls go home on a train after a long night at the club.

What am I? Is this really something I can be? – A trans girl finally admits to her parents that she’s trans. But only by slipping a note under their door and then trying to run away from home.

Let’s Not – This camp is not going super well.

A Wintertime Tale of Asexuality – Ash must explain to ver mom the concept of asexuality.

Doodles – A caring pet owner takes their cat to the vet.

Riverside – A microfiction about two friends sitting by a river.

A Promise – Two friends made a promise to each other- one that neither of them can keep.