A podcast about stories and writing! Every month, a guest(s) and I will talk about the aforementioned topics, and it’s here that the free episodes are available! If you like what you see here, feel free to pledge $5 to my Patreon, to gain access to a bonus episode each month, which are available here.

This podcast is only available on YouTube at the moment, due to memory restrictions of WordPress and the amount of time it took to upload raw audio to the site anyway. Also, it’s much faster for me to just link videos than to make a page and embed it here on the website since it’s still just the video.

I also recommend listening starting at episode 8. The earlier episodes are just generally rougher. If you want to avoid ableist language (because I sure do today) skip ahead to episode 11

EP 1 – Setting the Stage

EP 2 – Spooks and Scares

EP 3 – Theatre, Sesame Street, and YOU!

EP4 – Late and Alone

EP5 – ARGs and Webseries

EP6 – Fantastically Bad

EP7 – Dialogue

EP8 – Quiet Time

EP9 – Dystopian Love

EP10 – We Try Satire

EP11 – Holy Matrimony! (get it? it rhymes!)

EP12 – Dungeons and Dragons

EP13 – Gender. It’s a mess.

EP14 – New Year, New Me

EP15 – Romantic Endeavors