Horror Stories

This a collection of Horror stories I’ve written.

Night Terrors – Luke is haunted by nightmares he can never seem to recall upon waking.

Empty Rooms – a teenager find himself suddenly awake in a strange, empty, abandoned lab. He isn’t excited to find out what’s within.

Sturdy Walls (1/2) and Dirty Walls (2/2) – Upon returning home, he finds the ghost of his sister sitting still within her old room. Obviously, something isn’t right.

A Porcelain Lover – Two cousins are out hunting deer late one night. It seems, however, that something unhuman is hunting them, too.

One Such Lost Reality – Jon is 11 years old, almost 12. He’s sent to clean his room, and finds a crawl space hidden in his closet he wants to use to store some things.

Matters of the Heart – Walking alone in the big city is known to be dangerous, but the dangers aren’t always thieves and murderers.

Doctor, Doctor! – A girl is trapped in an abandoned yet overstocked hospital with a deranged doctor, and doesn’t truly feel like escape is possible.

Buried Deep – Two roommates begin to have some minor disagreements on things, that quickly escalate to much worse ones.

Prerecorded For Your Viewing Pleasure – Luanne’s husband brings home an experimental DVR device a few months before TiVo officially releases. While this seems exciting and fun, their son William begins to struggle with his basic chores after getting the DVR.

Ghost Bridge – In an attempt to prove that ghosts aren’t real, Tucker crosses the locally known Ghost Bridge. What he fails to realise, however, is that there is a ghost there, and she isn’t very sociable.

No Stops Tonight – Tessa’s night is going poorly as is. She most certainly doesn’t need a shadow beast to chase her on the subway.

Purpose – Caldwell and Portia summon a demon. Well, one more than the other.