My name is Kay Walker. I live in Ogden, Utah. Currently, I continue to go to school there. I post stories that I write here every other week, on Tuesdays. At the moment, I’m waiting for an artist I know to make me cover art for If By Fire. Maybe I’ll get some general cover art for my Horror Short Stories, too.

Speaking of which, if you want to help me afford the costs of those things, feel free to pledge some money to my Patreon account! Any amount of money will help me expand the site, and expand the audience for the site. Starting at only $1, you immediately gain benefits, such as seeing my patron only posts on Patreon. $5 gives you access to bonus episodes of the NarrativesCast.

Oh, and hey! I have an editor now! He’s the Master Philosopher of the Universe, Tristan Masters! You can follow his antics on twitter by searching for @triplejumpster or clicking here. (Also, watch out! I’ve opened the door for him to publish some works on the site, so you may just see a piece not written by me!)