You can’t separate art from the artist. Art has to come from an artist, and thus an artist has to make it. Artists have thoughts and beliefs, and their art reflects that. This is also true of me, and it doesn’t hurt to consider my perspective as an author when you read my works. I’m not going to totally lay my beliefs out here, but I’m sure you can at least piece together a couple things based on my works.

My name is Kay Walker (they/them). I’m a nonbinary author currently in college. I’m going for an English Teaching degree. I post stories that I write here every other week, on Tuesdays. At the moment, I’m working on redrafting If By Fire, and also some other projects as well (including a video analysis which will be available on youtube when it’s ready).

Oh, and if you like what I do and would like to see my stories expand and get more popular, feel free to pledge some money to my Patreon account! Any amount of money will help me expand the site, and expand the audience for the site. Starting at only $1, you immediately gain benefits, such as seeing my patron only posts on Patreon. $5 gives you access to bonus episodes of the NarrativesCast, and there are more options, too.

If you can’t afford to give me money or aren’t sure if you want to commit to that (which is understandable), the next best way to support me is to share my stories with your friends! I really do like writing, and I like hearing from people who read the things I like. The more people that read, the more that my efforts matter, and the more I’ll hear from folks like you! Folks who care about my work enough to read an about page!